One, product introduction 
The product is the laboratory staff to various liquid and stirring and the necessary equipment, and supporting various types of analytical instruments in the conventional products. Nearly twenty years of marketing, by domestic and foreign universities, environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, oil and chemical laboratory  is widely used. The instrument adopts the permanent magnet DC motor, has no noise, vibration, big torque, stirring effect significant advantages. 二、技术指标 
Two, technical indicators ★电源电压: 220V+10% 50HZ  
In the power supply voltage: 220V+10% 50HZ ★电机功率: 4×5W  Motor power: 4 x 5W. ★加热功率: 4×200W  Heating power: 4 x 200W. ★调速范围; 0-1400rpm In 0-1400rpm speed range; ★定时范围; 0-120min Of 0-120min timing range; ★控温范围(℃):室温—100 
In the temperature range ( c ) at room temperature: - 100 ★控温精度(℃):±1 
On the temperature control accuracy ( c ): + 1 ★外形尺寸(长x宽x高cm):48×2l×10 
Of dimensions ( length x width x high cm ) : 48 * 2L * 10